Product Design


A linear display harmonizes with a roll-up strap to create the perfect accessory to match any outfit.


Stainless steel electrodes create a luxurious, yet functional activity tracker for men and women.


The InBody BAND 2 quickly straps on to your wrist and features an easy-to-navigate display screen.

UI Design

  • Obtain Accurate Measurements

    Carefully planned electrode placement helps you take an accurate InBody Test. Track changes in your body composition with confidence.

  • Tap Display

    Tap the screen to check the time, steps taken, text notifications and other data.

  • Ergonomic Strap

    The InBody BAND 2 strap fits comfortably so you can keep it on all day and all night.


  • Modern NavyInspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night,’ Modern Navy symbolizes artistic romance with a modern touch.
  • Midinight BlackReminiscent of a dark sky, Midnight Black sets a luxurious mood.
  • Stone GraySymbolic for a city full of skyscrapers, Stone Gray represents the strength within.
  • Red WineFind warmth and comfort with Red Wine.

Individual Style

Change the straps on your InBodyBAND2 to match your mood.

How to replace the straps:

01. Remove the straps by lifting them up and, away from the display screen and electrodes.

02. Match the groove on the new strap with the groove on the display screen. Push down to assemble it.